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Sage security practices

Sage is your trusted cyber security partner. When using our products you can feel reassured your data is secure, thanks to our robust security features and practices.

Feel confident with 24/7 protection

Rest easy with our vigilant cyber defence team constantly safeguarding your data.

Continuous protection

All Sage cloud products are subject to 24/7 security monitoring by a dedicated cyber defence operations team within Sage.

Proactive threat detection

Industry-leading tools and techniques are used to analyse, detect, investigate, and respond to potential attacks in real time.

Fast incident response

With our well-established incident response and recovery procedures, we're prepared to respond effectively to any threat or attack.

Data security

When it comes to cyber security, our customers' data is paramount: 

  • We use "defence-in-depth" to build multiple layers of security around your data. We keep our systems and services up to date with all of the latest security patches and updates.
  • Our products and services undergo end-to-end security testing throughout their lifecycle to ensure we identify gaps before an attacker can.
  • We attain and maintain compliance with internationally-recognised data security standards and regulations.

Commitment to cloud security

Here's how we keep your data safe in the cloud:

  • Products hosted in top-tier Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services clouds.
  • Transparency with our customers on patching, updates, and security changes.
  • High availability, data encryption, and denial of service protection.
  • 24/7 monitoring and threat detection to block threats in real-time.
  • Regular penetration testing using real-world cyber attack techniques.
  • Secure back-ups and disaster recovery.

Security is built into our products

Benefit from robust, built-in security at every stage of our product development, ensuring maximum protection for you and your business.

Secure by design

We embed security from the ground up, from design to deployment.

Clean and secure code

Our code undergoes rigorous checks for potential vulnerabilities.

Mandatory training

All our software engineers receive training on secure development.

Extensive testing

We employ real-world attacker tools to test our system's resilience.

Compliance made easy

Navigating regulatory requirements can be daunting. Sage products align with industry standards like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, and are compliant with GDPR laws governing data use, processing, and storage.

Our teams also secure our supply chain through rigorous third-party reviews, enabling our global security team to manage the cyber risk of our suppliers effectively and ensures the protection of sensitive information.

Continue your journey

Depending on your interest level and technical knowledge, continue your security journey with Sage in the way that suits you best.

Security business advice

Navigate the world of cybersecurity with ease. Our Security business advice page offers step-by-step guidance and practical tips tailored for business decision makers.

Security for tech leaders

For a more technical exploration of our security measures, visit our Security for tech leaders page, designed for technologists seeking detailed information.

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