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Intelligence Reporting Module

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The Sage Pastel Payroll Intelligence Reporting Module can help your business make smarter decisions. Request a quote today!

A powerful reporting tool providing business intelligence

What do you get when you combine South Africa’s leading Payroll software with Microsoft® Excel? A reporting tool that allows you to manipulate reports in order to make improved decisions through business intelligence (BI).

If you entrust Microsoft® Excel to share, present and analyse information, then this module is for you. Sage Pastel Payroll Intelligence Reporting is a module that dynamically links to your payroll data, taking your business way beyond traditional reporting functionality, using the power of Microsoft® Excel.

Our standard, ‘pre-set’ reports save you time

This module ships with more than 20 standard report formats such as a job costing report, year-on-year leave comparison report, leave taken listing, rate report, years of service listing, to name a few. The module retains amended spreadsheet layouts and makes them available for future use. These reports can be ‘sliced and diced’ according to your own unique requirements, with comprehensive graphical illustrations for easy analysis and reporting purposes.

End-user Empowerment

If you retain and save the design of your spreadsheets, you will avoid having to re-format them every time you generate the Excel report.

Customised Reports

You can customise the standard set of reports and templates, and even create new ones.

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