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Sage Pastel Payroll Add-on Modules

Add-on Modules

Work smarter and more efficiently. Tackle payroll admin with our payroll & HR software.

Add-on Modules

The Sage Pastel Payroll & HR software product suite has a range of optional modules designed to improve your business performance.

Employee Self Service

This web-based self-service tool places responsibility in the hands of your employees, allowing them to manage their own information and reducing your company’s overall HR administration.

Human Resources

Gain insights into the workings of HR, whether it is hiring, paying or dismissing staff. Our legally compliant & automated HR system ensures you follow procedure, giving you peace of mind.

Industrial Council Compliance

We know industrial compliance is essential to your business, so we cater to the MIBFA, MIBCO / MICFA, the Electrical Industry and the Road Freight Industry as well as the Private Security Industry.

Intelligence Reporting Module

As this links to your payroll data with Microsoft Excel, your business will be able to go way beyond traditional reporting functionality, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Multiple Transactions Manager

Rewarding staff has never been more simple. Use only a single screen to apply a salary increase for your entire company, or process a production bonus or commission immediately!

Salary Structuring Module

Many companies operate on a cost-to-company structure, which can be a complicated process. Thanks to this module you will be able to learn how to simplify the process of CTC remuneration.

Third Party Payments Module

Learn how your company can benefit by paying any third party at the simple click of a button.

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