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Shift scheduling

With Sage HR, you can simply create and edit shifts, then notify your employees with the click of a button. Everyone has access to their schedules from web and mobile apps.

Shift scheduling features

Interactive shift planning

Add, edit, move, and copy shifts - all from an easy-to-use schedule planning interface.

GH Ms. Giles Homenick 40h Available Day shift Unavailable Day shift ER Ms. Edwardo Rowe 32.5h Mrs. Gwen Walker 17.5h GW 11:30-18 · 6h Day shift 11:30-18 · 6h Day shift 11:30-18 · 6h Day shift 11:30-18 Day shift
Areas Warehouse 577h Shop floor 443h 21 Mon 31.5 5 shifts 22 Tue 26h 4 shifts 23 Wed 32h 5 shifts 24 Thu 24.5h 4 shifts 25 Fri 25h 4 shifts 25 Sat 31.5 5 shifts 26h 4 shifts 32h 5 shifts 24.5h 4 shifts 25h 4 shifts

Order by Groups and Areas

Whether you are on a single site or multiple locations, you can run your business from one account. Split your company into different schedule groups and areas, with dedicated shift managers for each location.

Employees add their availability

With self-service access, your employees can specify their time preferences and when they can or cannot work.

Full feature list

Save pre-defined shift templates

Access from mobile app

Group shifts into areas

Drag and drop shift management

Daily, weekly & monthly visual reports

Full data export

Employees can advise on availability and self-serve their schedules

Control permissions with access groups

Sage HR modules and pricing

-30-day free trial

Only pay for what you need with flexible modules. Each module is priced per employee. Recruitment is priced per business. Book a demo today or start your free trial.

  • Core HR and Leave Management: Digitalise your absence management and HR essentials 
  • Performance: Set goals, schedule 1-to-1's and manage 360 feedback
  • Shift Scheduling: Flexible & functional shift planning module
  • Timesheets: A fast, easy way for employees to track overtime
  • Expenses: Submit and manage expenses from mobile app
  • Recruitment: Create job ads, manage applicant pipeline and schedule interviews 

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What our customers say about Sage HR

Technology & Software

What I love about Sage HR is that you can add on modules as you grow.

Anna Jagric
Director of Operations

Technology & Software

It was the easiest integration ever, and it's been the best support I have received for a platform.

Cristina Oană
Project Manager
Team Extension

Business Services

It is one of the greatest tools we have; we will eventually use pretty much everything it offers.

Laura Di Prisco
Global Culture & People Experience Lead

Technology & Software

It was a pretty easy choice to go with Sage HR; the price was competitive, and the service was better and more personal than the competition.

Elizabete Dikmane
HR Manager

Business services

With growth comes new employees and HR functions that I have to cater for which meant I needed an efficient system.

Aisha Gassangwa
HR Manager

Business Services

Our goal is to be in 2,000 schools across South Africa … Sage and Bright Path [are] the solution we needed.

Kiara Ramklass
Marimba Jam

Business Services

The support team is great, very responsive, and easy to communicate with. They have been helpful throughout.

Carmen Roșca Mănețoiu
Global Head of HR

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