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Expense management software

Advanced functionality

Time and expense management software designed to streamline processes, reduce revenue leakage, and simplify revenue recognition.

Streamline and simplify

Accelerate time and expense management processes for employees and financial teams.

Make better decisions with real-time visibility of all of your time and expense data.

Streamline your project accounting to save time, increase accuracy, and reduce revenue leakage.

Thrive with simpler and smarter time and expense management

As your business works on behalf of clients, are you accurately capturing all of the time and expenses for every project?

Sage Intacct expense management software makes it easy and as error-free as possible. That means you maximise revenue and keep your employees focused on client goals, not expenses, accounting, and reporting. Sage Intacct expense management software effortlessly moves time and expense data to invoices and revenue recognition workflows.

Time and expense management with efficient expense report software

Sage Intacct makes it painless to manage time and expenses. Your employees can enter time and expense data anytime, anywhere. Managers get instant alerts to review and approve reports. Employees receive prompt reimbursement in the right currency.

Real-time project and employee expense information

With Sage Intacct software, your time and expense accounting data is accessible and accurate. It’s easy to get a quick look at your dashboards to track the progress and profitability of each client and project, or monitor hours to set and meet goals for billable hours—either for the whole team or for individual employees.

Automated billing an

With Sage Intacct expense management software, your time and expense data automatically flows to your invoicing and  revenue recognition  processes. Quickly generate  project billing and accurate invoices for projects and clients based on actual time and expenses as incurred. And post direct and indirect labour costs and recognise revenue in a timely fashion.

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Red Door Interactive—customer video

Red Door Interactive switched from Microsoft Dynamics to Sage Intacct and saved 55 hours on monthly workflows and reporting as well as reduced A/P processing time by 83%.

Time and expense management data sheet

Sage Intacct Time and Expense Management simplifies and accelerates the entire time and expense process. 

GeoTechnologies—customer video

Sage Intacct had saved engineering firm GeoTechnologies fifteen hours a month on reporting, as well as enabled mission-critical insights into client mix and project profitibality. 

When our team went in search of a new accounting solution, we were looking for cloud-based options that would be more scalable, flexible, and intuitive for our teams around the world. Sage Intacct was a no-brainer for us because, unlike NetSuite and the other vendors we looked at, it met all of our requirements for integrated time and expense management and multi-entity consolidations, and was robust and adaptable enough to grow with our business over time.

Brian Lawrence, Senior Director - Finance and Taxation

Clinical Trial & Consulting (CTI)

Explore advanced functionality

Fixed assets

Fixed assets and core accounting create an automated asset management system.

Inventory management

Track, value, and manage stock while maintaining accuracy at every step.

Multi-entity and global consolidations

Easily manage complex financials for multiple locations and entities.

Project accounting

Manage costs and revenue, keep projects on time, and maintain profitability.

Revenue recognition

Account for multiple revenue types—subscriptions, licenses, and services.

Spend management

Govern company purchasing vs. budgets and never exceed spending caps.

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