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Reduce costs by up to 90% in the cloud

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Cut average processing costs by almost 70%

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Reduce consolidations from weeks to minutes

Simplify with speedy consolidations

Make light work of multiple-entity consolidations and gain access to real-time financial data.

Automate back office processes, reduce headcount, and save thousands of pounds annually

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Consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes

Move to the cloud and eliminate unnecessary IT costs

Trusted by the American Institute of Chartered Public Accountants

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Multi-fund consolidation across 100’s of entities in real-time

Chances are, your firm spends countless hours on tedious and error-prone financial reporting, preparing statements, budgets, analyses, and compliance filings for each of your funds. You barely finish in time to start all over again. Sage Intacct—the only cloud-financial services management platform preferred by the AICPA*—is the world’s leading multi-entity, multicurrency cloud financial management platform for investment management firms. You get real-time consolidations with intercompany eliminations; drill-down access to all of your funds, assets, and operating companies; multicurrency support; full GAAP compliance; dozens of built-in reports; and sophisticated custom reporting and analytics.

*American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

New dashboards with no extra software or IT support

Sage Intacct’s scalable architecture and cloud-based delivery means your financial services management platform stays in step with you as you grow. You can easily increase assets under management and expand your portfolio of funds and operating companies—without adding staff, installing more software, or creating extra work. You can share charts of accounts, payments, receivables, and check cutting for all your operating companies. The Sage Intacct cloud financial management platform gives investment management companies immediate access to the right data and information across a large number of complex entity structures to make smarter decisions that lead to increased investment returns. Sage Intacct helps CFOs and CIOs become increasingly data-driven and transition away from outdated quarterly reporting to continuous consolidation and real-time reporting.

Collaborative GAAP compliance

By using the latest compliance strategies and auditing techniques, Sage Intacct can minimise your compliance risk exposure. Sage Intacct provides best-in-class auditing of intercompany transactions with detailed transaction logs and an integrated “collaborative compliance” environment that’s consistent across the front and back office. You see not only what you did and when you did it, but also why you did it and how the transaction complies with GAAP rules.

Cloud native from day one

Sage Intacct is built from the ground up to fully embrace the advantages of the cloud. Save on IT costs, experience unparalleled flexibility, escape the chains of software maintenance and rest assured your financial system is secure.

The AICPA-preferred financial management solution

Sage Intacct is the choice of the experts in accounting. The AICPA, which sets accounting standards for the profession, acknowledged Sage Intacct as the preferred provider of financial applications after a thorough review of software providers.

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7 key trends to reshape account and finance

It can be tricky trying to gauge what top industry trends might be affecting you in the future. Fill in your details to find out what factors are likely to be grabbing the headlines in 2023 and beyond.

I believe the biggest shift is the much more widespread recognition of the need to protect your company through multiple legal entities and structures. Previously, this was territory of large or sophisticated firms. What we see as the major trend is the shift to this strategy by even modestly-sized firms. The effective utilisation of the strategy is fundamental to the protection of assets, acquisition of assets and the sale of assets. Effective multi-entity accounting is now fundamental in the wealth, family office, asset management, REITs and private equity spaces.

David Cieslak, Principal

Arxis Technology


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