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Sage Intacct platform

Use built-in tools to meet your unique business needs.

Sage Intacct financial management platform

Use built-in tools to meet your unique business needs.

Platform services

Create solutions precisely tuned to individual business needs.

Web services (API)

Easily integrate with other best-in-class solutions.

Salesforce integration

Connect finance and sales—fuel growth and accelerate revenue.

Cash management software


Create visibility around what matters to you

From seeing exactly what you need with custom lists to importing data from integrated services, the Sage Intacct platform provides tools to gather and display the unique data that drives your business. Unlike systems that require coded scripts, Sage Intacct customisations are easily configured by the accounting team.

Customize daily workflows

Create multiple workflows for your different types of customers and vendors and post differently to the general ledger. Sage Intacct’s custom transaction workflows handle that without the help of IT.

Extend functionality to match specific company needs

Perhaps you need an entirely new process linked to accounting processes, like capturing and summarising high volume transactions or tracking collections communications and tie those back to accounts receivable. You can do this with custom applications built using Sage Intacct platform services.

Adapt processes to growth

Sage Intacct is built to grow with you. Customisations and applications can be added as needed to meet the needs of your growing company and evolving financial processes. Would you expect any less from the visionary leader in cloud financial management ?

Connect with outside services for a complete solution

Most Sage Intacct customers have two or more integrations with other services. Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Developer Kits) make integrations easy. Developers or business analysts can push data to Sage Intacct and even initiate integration actions from dashboards and application pages. Learn more about our web services.

Don’t babysit your customisations

Unlike other vendors, customisations or integrations you build on Sage Intacct—from custom applications to integrations—continue to work through every update. If we ever hit a point where security dictates that we change a process, we identify issues and alert you, then help resolve those issues. This is our guarantee.

Our customers achieve on average

250 %




+ 65%

Productivity improvement

Learn more with resources

Gain valuable insights, reduce costs and grow your business faster with our guides.

United Fire—customer video

Hear how United Fire has automated their manual processes through best-in-class integrations, growing sales by 25%, improving efficiency and increasing cash flow.

Creative Dining Services—case study

Learn why Creative Dining Services chose Sage Intacct for its customisability, flexibility, rich reporting and ease of use, as well as how they eliminated 350 hours a week of manual accounting work and reduced AR collections time by 12%.

HomeVestors—case study

Learn how HomeVestors, one of the USA's fastest-growing franchises, benefits from an integrated platform to drive continued expansion. Sage Intacct has shortened their DSO by 2 days and saved 30+ hours a week in managing accounts receivable.

The fact that the AcctTwo team was able to build a fully functioning trading application on the Sage Intacct platform… highlights the power and extensibility of Sage Intacct.

Marcus Wagner, Founder and CEO


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