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Sage Intacct & Salesforce integration

Enjoy the benefits of financial and accounting software that integrates with Salesforce seamlessly.

Automation and productivity

Streamline finance and sales management

Save time and reduce errors by eliminating duplicate data entry between finance and sales.

Assess sales effectiveness

Increase sales effectiveness by providing greater visibility into the financial impact of their activities.

Automated workflows for increased productivity

Increase accounting and finance productivity with automated workflows.

Trusted accounting software that integrates with Salesforce

Sage Intacct offers pre-built integration with Salesforce to give you a best-in-class financial management platform with the best-in-class Salesforce cloud CRM platform. This delivers a seamless integration and alignment to improve productivity, fuel growth, and accelerate revenue.

Together, Sage Intacct and Salesforce give you a complete view of every customer, streamlined accounting workflows, and a smarter quote-to-cash process. The powerful combination of Sage Intacct and Salesforce also creates productive communication between the department that makes the numbers and the department that manages them.

Point-and-click Salesforce integration

It’s easy to integrate Salesforce with the Sage Intacct financial management platform. That’s because our CRM integration was prebuilt on the Salesforce platform. You won’t need expensive third-party integration, IT support, or custom consulting. With the Sage Intacct cloud financial management platform, you just point, click, and connect.

No more blind spots with Salesforce integration

Help your sales teams turn opportunities into orders with a single click or verify pricing in real time—all from within your Salesforce CRM solution. With Sage Intacct Collaborate, your sales reps and managers can easily communicate with finance using Salesforce Chatter—embedded within Sage Intacct—to easily expedite approvals, discuss and resolve exceptions to order management processes, and clarify accounting policies.

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Learn more about Sage Intacct Salesforce integration with our resources

Gain valuable information related to  Salesforce integration including official Sage Intacct salesforce integration documentation.

Traction on Demand—customer video

Learn how Traction on Demand improved cash forecasting from 10% to 3% with Sage Intacct, while accelerating invoicing by 60%. 

Salesforce Integration data sheet

The Sage Intacct CRM Integration brings together the best-in-class cloud financial management solution with the industry-leading cloud CRM solution, Salesforce.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving—customer video

Hear how Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) transformed their organisation with the Sage Intacct Salesforce integration, spending less time and money on compliance and admin so they can focus on MADD's mission.

Because of the great integration with Salesforce, our new sales flow right into Sage Intacct seamlessly. Sage Intacct then creates the initial invoice, which we can easily turn into a recurring invoice for perpetuity.

David Novak, Controller

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