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Empowering non-profit organisations (NPOs)

Sage Foundation NPO Success

Sage Foundation empowers and transforms non-profit organisations (NPOs) by providing the technology and support they need they need to thrive.

Product Discounts

Sage is committed to supporting NPOs like we do any other business. That’s why we provide NPOs with discounted Sage Business Cloud product subscriptions so they can save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and achieve compliance — everything they need to efficiently manage their accounts, payroll, people and operations.

NPO Success Hub

Organisational Financial Literacy (OFL) means having the tools, capacity and expertise to be able to manage organisational finances. Our aim is to increase OFL within the non-profit sector through a range of financial management tools and resources.

Expert Training

Sage Foundation is developing tailored courses, webinars and other sessions that will help upskill and better support NPOs.

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