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Adapting to the new norm within the construction industry

Explore our three part webinar series on how you can adapt to the new digital normal in the construction industry.

Access our three-part webinar series

This three-part webinar series will explore how Sage can help you adapt to the ‘new digital norm’ within the construction industry. You’ll learn how ensuring the mobility of back-office staff, on-site staff and digital data can allow you to stay on top of task management, staff flexibility, collection of key data, delivery of KPIs, electronic data, manual documentation and more.

Sage Construction: Shape the New Digital Norm

In this first webinar of the series we explore how we can help you digitise your processes, simplifying compliance and giving your office and site teams more mobility for every building project. 

Mobility of On-Site Staff

In the second part of our webinar series explore how we can help you with the mobility of your on-site staff. Understand how to collect and distribute key data as well as ensure you deliver on KPIs.

Mobility of Digital Data

In the final webinar of our series explore how we can help you mobilise your digital data and reduce your manual paperwork.