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Construction ERP software from Sage delivers clearer visibility

Gather business-critical information from every construction project, every site and every client in one database for simple and insightful analysis of your business performance.

Why you need a construction ERP system

Managing all the moving parts in a construction project is no small challenge. How do you keep track of your subcontractors, materials and plant, costs and spend across multiple sites? Also, staying on budget remains vital to deliver today’s narrow project margins.

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, software consolidates all your business-critical data in one system so you can see exactly what’s going on in real-time. ERP technology offers you instant access to the information you need to deliver your construction projects more cost-effectively. 

Construction ERP solutions support profitability

Improving information flow across your business means you can spend more time making decisions and less time chasing data. Connecting your back office to your teams on site is easy with cloud-based solutions that let your contract managers and quantity surveyors input data as they work.

Manage inventory, spot cost overruns early and get better insights into every area of a project. Simplifying and streamlining processes can be done proactively, helping you stay on top of costs and efficiency.

Why Sage construction ERP software?

Sage construction ERP software lets you see project progress and spend instantaneously. Our fast, reliable and flexible software adjusts to your company’s rules and processes and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7.

Run real-time reports

Pull data and run reports instantly to monitor and manage your project processes.  

Connect sites and back office

Easy online access means data can be recorded digitally onsite and shared immediately. 

Follow multiple projects

Keep track of spend and match invoices to projects across multiple construction sites.

Manage plant and hire

Predict project needs and make decisions about hiring, buying and using plant based on accurate data.

Check deliveries against orders

With mobile access, it’s simple to reconcile orders against deliveries onsite, so you reduce costs and waste.

Add users easily

Add new contractors to a construction project quickly and securely with our flexible ERP software. 

Streamline your business processes with Sage construction ERP software

Sage has been helping businesses make better decisions for over 35 years. Our ERP software is affordable, robust and user-friendly - it offers the insights you need to keep your projects on schedule and on budget. 

Work as a team

Sage’s quick, efficient, cloud-based ERP software lets your site and back office connect directly and securely. The data your team need is at hand, and they’re less reliant on manual notes. 

Share knowledge and resources

Storing everything in one database opens new doors for collaboration. Sage construction ERP helps you allocate resources and identify best practice across your business.

Make better decisions 

ERP software gives you total control with up-to-the-minute information on your supply chain, staffing and project costs. You’ll have instant access to everything you need to improve performance. 

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