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Improve inventory management, control production costs, and quickly adapt to new regulations

As a discrete manufacturer, you need visibility and insight into inventory, quality, and costs in order to better manage your business and supply chain.

Now you can streamline your processes and manage your operations more effectively - from procurement and scheduling to shop floor, inventory, sales and financials - enabling you to consistently deliver innovative products.
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Overcome your most pressing challenges

Discover how to reclaim control of your manufacturing processes and deliver greater customer satisfaction.
Sage Industry Services | Sage UK

Achieve up to 218% ROI

Read the Total Economic Impact (TEI) report and see why Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Solution is a low-risk, multi-benefit investment.
Sage Industry Services | Sage UK

It’s time to move beyond ERP

There’s a better way for discrete manufacturers to drive their companies forward. See why it’s probably time to upgrade your enterprise management solution.

We can help you...

...eliminate the inefficiencies that undermine your profits and growth potential. Every discrete manufacturer’s processes, tracking systems, and problems are unique. You need a faster, simpler, more flexible solution tailored to your specific needs. Enterprise management can provide:

Supply chain visibility

Gain a single view of your business and get real-time insight on inventory, financials, and processes - no matter where you are.

Data-driven demand forecasting

Use predictive analytics to make proactive decisions that optimize order management, inventory management, and production control processes.

Operational efficiency

Accelerate your business processes and workflows to optimize capacity, reduce costs, shorten payment cycles, and improve cash flow.

Greater innovation

Improve collaboration and information-sharing among all stakeholders through easily accessible web portals.

Complete regulatory compliance

Automate compliance requirements with audit trails that document and report all relevant data.

Thorough process management

Streamline your processes to better manage your supply chain, returns and reconcile inventory if you experience a product recall or compliance issue.

The solution

  • Production management methods by job, order, or inventory
  • Automated finite capacity planning
  • Extensive lot, sub-lot, and serial number traceability
  • Flexible work order release management capabilities
  • Bill of Materials management with component by date

The sanitation equipment distributor

"We learned quickly that when other vendors used the word flexible, what it meant was overly complex and expensive. Only Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management was able to deliver the functionality we needed - along with real flexibility - at a price point that makes sense."

John Babcock, CFO
Satellite Industries Inc.