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Spherics completes integration into Sage; rebrands to Sage Earth

The Bristol-based carbon accounting platform Spherics has successfully rebranded to Sage Earth.

London - 5 December 2022 - Following its sale to Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), Spherics, the Bristol-based carbon accounting platform, has successfully rebranded to Sage Earth. The acquisition was completed in October 2022, and today, less than two months later, Sage Earth is on offer for Sage customers looking to measure and improve their environmental footprint.

Recent data from Sage’s SME Climate Impact Report found that 44% of the UK’s business greenhouse gas emissions come from SMBs. The report also found that while most of these businesses want to be greener, 90% of them face barriers on their path to net-zero, which include difficulty finding the right tools to help them measure and reduce their impact. This is where technologies like Sage Earth become critical to creating net-zero societies.

Sage Earth automates the process of calculating emissions by ingesting data from a customer’s accounting software and matching transactions to emission factors to create an initial estimate of their carbon footprint. The software then guides the customer to refine this estimate by submitting further data for a more accurate calculation - supporting SMBs on their journey to net-zero. As part of the Sage family, the platform will go beyond just integrating into Sage’s accounting products, also plugging into HR and ERP tools to give customers deeper insights into their environmental impact. 

The acquisition also reinforces Sage’s own commitment to sustainability: the company has pledged to fight climate change by halving its own emissions by 2030 and becoming net-zero by 2040, by advocating for policy and regulatory frameworks to support the transition to a low carbon economy, and by supporting SMBs to get to net zero through tools and guidance – making the acquisition of Sage Earth an important milestone in that journey.

Since becoming part of Sage, Sage Earth has added significantly to its customer base. The platform now serves hundreds of SMBs who are using the platform to take concrete action against climate change: setting and measuring progress against decarbonisation targets, reporting metrics to their own supply chains, completing B-Corp applications, and so on. 

"Our aim is to democratise climate knowledge and decision-making so that SMBs can assess their environmental impact and take action in the same way that only big corporations can afford to right now,” said Duncan Oswald, Climate Science Lead at Sage Earth. “We have a proven, scientific blueprint on how SMBs should approach their journey to net-zero, and with Sage’s backing, we’re looking forward to scaling it so millions of businesses across the world can act on their enthusiasm for green business.”

To learn more about carbon accounting, please visit our blog and to learn more about Sage Earth, please visit Sage Earth. You can also discover more about Sage’s FY 22 Sustainability & Society report.

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