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Bank Feed Status

Last Updated: 08/06/2023

Starling Bank

We are aware that transactions from Starling Bank have shorter references than previously.

We have engaged our provider for Bank Feeds Plaid who are working with Starling to resolve the issue.


HSBC - No Transactions Since 1st June

Customers may  have experienced a delay in receiving their transactions from 1st June, we have identified the cause and have resolved the issue


Metro Bank -  Unable to connect new Bank feeds to Metro Bank

We are aware of an issue with the Bank Feeds integration between Sage and Metro Bank, delivered by our 3rd party bank feeds service provider, Plaid. 


Customers can experience a "No Accounts" message when attempting new connections to a Metro Bank Account or aren't offered one of their accounts. Existing Feeds should be working as expected.  We are working with our bank feeds partner Plaid while they fix the issue.


There are workarounds for impacted customers so you can carry on with your business with minimal disruption.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Until your Bank Feeds are up and running again, you can import bank transactions using a CSV file downloaded from your online Metro Bank account. A support article for customers is available here.

Alternatively, if there is a small number of transactions to action, you can manually enter these.

Sage 50 Accounts

If you use bank feeds for bank reconciliation
You would need to manually download a bank statement and reconcile the bank. For advice on manual bank reconciliation please go here

If you use bank feeds to create transaction in your software
1 – If you only use the service to download a small number of transactions into your Software you can manually enter the transactions directly in the application.
2 – An alternative option to manual entry would be to import the transactions, further advice on how to import transactions can be found here

Sage 200

Until your Bank Feeds are up and running again, you will need to process manually
support article is available. 

Alternatively, you may choose to simply wait for the issue to be resolved and check back later for new transactions, or manually create any transactions in the meantime. Once any disruption is resolved, you may need to re-authenticate to your bank.  

This page will be updated to reflect the latest updates and to share any relevant help articles. 


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