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Bank Feed Status

Last Updated: 19/09/2019 - 08.45am

The Bank Feeds below have been confirmed as having current issues.

These feeds can be provided either directly by our Sage Banking Cloud service or indirectly via a 3rd Party provider Yodlee. These issues are being worked on currently and the respective teams aim to resolve them as soon as possible. Until the issues have been fixed the reported issues your bank feed may not function as expected.

The dates provided are ETAs for the issues and are subject to change. We ask that where possible could you please wait until these dates have passed before contacting our support teams.

Bank Provider
Additional Info
Tentative ETA
Santander Banking 3rd Party Site temporarily unavailable
No ETA Given
Barclaycard (Business) New 3rd Party  Site temporarily unavailable
Lloyds Bank (Banking, Credit Cards) 3rd Party Site temporarily unavailable  20/09/2019
NATWEST Bank 3rd Party User Action required to allow refresh No ETA Given
HSBC Bank 3rd Party  Site Unavailable No ETA Given

All other bank feeds are operating normally.

If you’re still having difficulties using bank feeds in Sage Business Cloud please email us.