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Mistakes can and do happen, but you can soon get things corrected

Ever spot something wrong that needs amending? It’s now easy to resolve. Search and correct up to one thousand errors at a time. 
Making and correcting mistakes

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is designed to be super-easy to use. We make it easy to do the right thing, first time, so you can be efficient and effective.

Unfortunately, we all know that mistakes can - and do - happen. Perhaps you’ve assigned a transaction to the wrong ledger code or department. The result? An incorrect trial balance. 

We’ve now made it easy to make corrections to get things back as they should be. 

Powerful search takes the hard work out of tracking down what’s wrong - whether sales invoices, bank transactions or journals. 

Hone in on what needs changing - perhaps filtering by Ledger Account or Department or the kind of transaction involved. If you know the Contact, Date or Amount it’s easy to narrow things down. 

Explore how to make corrections with ease in our new video.

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Whether your mistake affects one or hundreds of transactions, you can soon get things corrected. Select what needs to be changed and set Sage Business Cloud Accounting to work. 

There’s a corrections history showing what was changed, when, and by who for complete peace of mind. 

Next time you spot a mistake, rest assured that with Sage Business Cloud Accounting you can make corrections in next to no time and keep your accounts right on track.

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