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Sage HR Advice Director

Day-to-day support and advice along with proactive strategic input from your own dedicated consultant.


(£1,920 inc VAT)

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Quick Specification

  • Dedicated business consultant
  • £50,000 indemnity protection per case
  • Tailored support with advice when you need it
  • Securely store data in Case Manager

What is Sage HR Advice Director?

Sage HR Advice Director provides professional support around HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety management via unlimited access to a dedicated business consultant and advice line number - saving you precious time and keeping your business legally compliant.

You'll also be supported by a comprehensive website with hundreds of documents and pieces of advice that turn the law into plain English, plus email alerts and up to £50,000 protection per case. Online access is available 24/7 so you'll always have access to the forms, documents, templates and policies.

Is Sage HR Advice Director right for me?

Whether you're a business owner, manage a team of employees, or are a qualified HR or Health & Safety professional - Sage HR Advice Director is here for you. We're confident in our advice so you can be confident in making key business decisions.

Sage HR Advice Director also gives you access to Sage Case Manager - your own personal data store where you can view and manage existing cases or view historical ones. After each call a summary of the guidance provided is sent to your Sage Case Manager so it's easy to take the next steps.

Dedicated Business Consultant

With Sage HR Advice Director you get your very own dedicated Consultant and Advice line number. The role of your consultant is to ensure the expertise of our professionals is harnessed specifically to you and your organisation - proactive advice tailored to suit your need.

From a diarised monthly audit to reviews and planning calls, your dedicated consultant is on hand to provide personalised support for you and your business. Put simply, they are an extra team member at a fraction of the cost.

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