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Sage HR Advice Manager

Get the help and advice you need quickly and easily without any confusing legal jargon.


(£1,080 inc. VAT)

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Quick Specification:

  • 12 months
  • £20,000 indemnity protection per case
  • Legally reliable guidance and support
  • Helps keep your business compliant

What is Sage HR Advice Manager?

Sage HR Advice Manager is designed to make HR, employment law and Health & Safety easier to manage by giving unlimited access to our Advice Line Team, staffed by specialists who will give you pragmatic and reliable advice in plain English.

All guidance and support is legally reliable - provided by qualified professionals - and helps keep your business legally compliant. Flexible cost structures can be tailored to suit your business with standard six month contracts available for £550 and twelve month contracts available for £900.

Is Sage HR Advice Manager
for me?

Sage HR Advice Manager has something for everyone, whether a business owner, someone with responsibility for managing employees or a qualified HR or Health & Safety professional. It saves vital time and you can relax in the knowledge that the action you take has been based on advice from experienced and qualified practitioners.

After each advice call you'll receive a secure email summarising the next steps with the relevant documents attached. Wherever possible you'll be supported by the same advisor from the start to the finish of any individual case for continuity purposes.

Sage Case Manager

Sage HR Advice Manager also gives you access to Sage Case Manager; your own personal data store where you can view and manage existing questions and cases or view historical ones.

After each call to our Advice Line a summary of the guidance provided is sent to your Sage Case Manager so it's easy to take the next steps. You'll also be supported by a comprehensive website with hundreds of documents and advice that turn the law into plain English, plus email alerts and up to £20,000 protection per case.

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