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Sage Accounting helps Atlas Bookkeeping get on the map

Atlas Bookkeeping - United Kingdom

Thanks to Sage, this one-woman bookkeeper modernised and moved to the cloud for real-time access to client data

Desktop dilemma

Happily managing clients from her desktop with Sage 50 Accounts, one-woman accountant Jane wasn’t ready for change and believed her clients weren’t either. But, spending a lot of time out at client sites made it a challenge to deal with queries and deliver the excellent service she has a reputation for. With Sage’s support, she made the switch to cloud-based Sage Accounting.

I thought moving to the cloud would be a massive chore, but I can’t believe how smooth and straightforward Sage Accounting is, and how much more I can achieve with it.

Jane Turley

User-friendly and intuitive

Jane has already migrated most of her clients over to Sage Accounting and trained them, with some clients also having their own licenses. Even, she says, the ones she thought would be resistant have switched to Sage Accounting and love it. 

It’s designed to be just like an app, so it already feels familiar. There’s just no faff, it’s intuitive and it works.

Jane Turley

Modern and inspiring

Atlas Bookkeeping has put its own cost savings from Sage Accounting to good use. By charging her clients monthly for access, Jane offsets her costs and spends the money updating other areas of her business, such as her secure data transfer portal. Jane says it’s the move to the cloud with Sage Accounting that’s inspired her to do this and reignited her enthusiasm for her job. 

Sage has modernised me. I was in danger of getting set in my ways, but having Sage Accounting has made me love what I do again.

Jane Turley

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