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BITS Consulting broadcasts success with Sage Accounting

BITS Consulting Ltd - United Kingdom

BITS Consulting Ltd. provides services to clients in broadcast and media, a sector that demands agility and innovation. BITS has enhanced both, with Sage Accounting.

Managing the complexity and diversity of business growth

When Peter Gaca founded BITS Consulting Ltd. back in 2007, like many new business owners, he completed his accounts on spreadsheets. But as the business grew and operations became more complex, it was clear that BITS needed an accounting package that would integrate and automate diverse accounting and tax-related tasks. They chose Sage Accounting.

Before I had Sage I ran my operations off spreadsheets; with Sage it’s all online, in one system, it’s all automated.

Peter Gaca

Sage Accounting integrates with bank, tax and accounting contacts

For BITS, a key benefit of Sage accounting software lay in its ability to automate processes, free up time and integrate with tax and accounting contacts. Accounts are compiled automatically in Sage and held in the cloud, where they can be shared with others, including HMRC. This reduced the need for manual input, saved time and decreased the risk of error.

[Sage is] connected to banks, it’s connected to HMRC, it’s connected to my accountant … I’ve got a single view of the world.

Peter Gaca

More time to drive the business forward

The integration and automation Sage provides have made four key impacts on BITS Consulting Ltd. They have automated online processes and reduced the need for data input, provide a single view of business operations and freed up time for BITS to focus on other things – such as strategizing business growth for BITS and for its clients.

One of the biggest benefits of Sage is the time it has saved me.

Peter Gaca

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