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Brealey Foster & Co - United Kingdom

Brealey Foster & Co. is an established chartered accountant, tax and business advisor based in the UK. They have a strong track record of success, offering a bespoke personal service to a diverse client base.

Setting up a new department – from the other side of the world

When Peter Brealey, principal of Brealey Foster & Co, had to establish an entirely new accounting department as part of a buyout of a high turnover business, he relished the challenge. However, he was leaving for Latin America within a week! Fortunately, Brealey Foster & Co use Sage Accounting, so Peter could undertake the entire task remotely.

Sage Accounting gives you confidence. We know that we can fix the challenges our clients bring to us.

Peter Brealey

Be part of the team with Sage – regardless of your location

Having started his accounting career working with pen, paper and calculator, Peter has found Sage to be a practical and advantageous addition to his core accounting skills. When establishing the new department remotely, Sage’s presence in the cloud allowed him to plan, observe and contribute to events in real-time, and to monitor key factors.

I was able to do all the accounting set-up online. We have to have the ability to keep the plates spinning and Sage Accounting helps us with that enormously.

Peter Brealey

Thinking outside the box with Sage

Peter is impressed with the flexibility and potential of Sage Accounting. Before, it would be very much about just inputting the numbers, not thinking outside the box. Now, he appreciates the real-time availability of Sage and enjoys knowing what’s going on across his client base and his business. 

Using Sage Accounting, we can see the whole picture and we can see it in real-time. And that translates through into business success.

Peter Brealey

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