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Sage People ensures Daniel Wellington operates like clockwork

Daniel Wellington - Sweden

Watch and jewellery maker automates and digitally transforms HR and People function.

Keeping pace with the brand’s growth

Growing from 200 employees to 2,500 across multiple locations created significant challenges for Daniel Wellington’s HR and People team in maintaining visibility of its global workforce. They knew they needed the right technology to help them digitise their HR processes and keep pace with their growing workforce.

Everything was manual, and at the pace we were growing, it was hard to keep track of how many employees we were per country, per location.

Bashar Jirges
HR Digitalisation Specialist

A flexible configurable single source of truth

Sage People instantly allowed Daniel Wellington to store all its employee records in one central place, creating an accurate, up-to-date hub of workforce data that could easily be maintained. Bashar was also impressed by the level of configuration he was able to do himself within the system.

It was important we could adapt the tech to our way of working. Sage People has been easy to add different fields and configure it to the ‘Daniel Wellington way’.

Bashar Jirges
HR Digitalisation Specialist

Impressive integrations

Another benefit has been the smooth integration of the software with some of the company’s existing systems, such as its IT and finance systems, and Tableau, a visual analytics tool. Bashar says the integrations were “key to get right”, and Sage People is now the master data system that updates the rest.

We love the functionality and flexibility of Sage People. It has already had a huge impact on the way we work.

Bashar Jirges
HR Digitalisation Specialist

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