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Forecast looks to a brighter future with Sage Intacct

Forecast Technologies ltd - United Kingdom

Global technology platform transforms operations with accurate, reliable data and faster insights thanks to Sage software

Disparate systems and lengthy manual data manipulation

Disparate out-dated systems across its three global regions meant a lot of time-consuming manual data manipulation to create any sort of company reports, none of which were timely or 100% accurate. Forecast was missing out on valuable insights due to lack of up-to-date data.

We drastically needed to modernise and automate our financial management.

Tom Blake-Wilson
VP of Finance

Time back to do data deep dives

With built-in integration with SalesForce, Sage Intacct promised smooth easy management of Forecast’s 350+ customer software subscriptions and accurate billing, along with improved visibility of costs. And so it has proved. The need for manual data input has been greatly reduced, giving Forecast more time to do some of the things they “never really had the time to do before.”

With Sage Intacct we can pull accurate, reliable data which gives us a lot more transparency on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Tom Blake-Wilson
VP of Finance

Supporting Forecast’s future growth

Sage Intacct has become a vital part of Forecast’s operations, showing its investors how the business is performing with accurate insights that can be acted upon in a timely manner when required. Sage Intacct also provides the company with the ability to scale rapidly, as the team knows it can rely on the numbers and use its time efficiently and effectively.

We have probably implemented Sage Intacct slightly earlier than we needed to, but we wanted to get ahead of the curve and be ready to scale.

Tom Blake-Wilson
VP of Finance

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