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Sage Intacct’s intuitive design wins over Ground Control

Ground Control Limited - United Kingdom

Sage helps consolidate different systems under one roof, giving group-wide insights to tech solutions outfit

Integration with company-wide systems

Ground Control wanted a financial management system that could easily slot into its day-to-day business processes. The system had to meet the requirements of the organisation today, while offering the flexibility to scale with any new acquisitions in the future. 

Sage Intacct not only met our integration needs, it was also the right blend of functionality and price for us. It was in the sweet spot we were looking for.

Steve Smith

Intuitive and easy data retrieval

After a smooth implementation process, Ground Control was able to unlock time savings and inform decision-making thanks to the platform’s intuitive user design. Steve would previously ask one of his team to run a report, but now he can get the information he needs himself, saving time and helping him to make faster decisions. 

There wasn’t a single thing that I couldn’t navigate to or find myself, even with very little training. It’s just so intuitive to find the data that I need.

Steve Smith

Significant improvement in credit control

One of the other solutions that Ground Control wanted was something which could help improve their credit control, in particular any debt owed to them at 60 days or more. As a result of using Sage Intacct, this level of debt has been reduced to a record low. 

Thanks to improved accuracy and easy integration with Salesforce and Creditsafe, we have reduced over 60 days debt from 24% of total money owed, down to just 9%.

Steve Smith

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