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Leisure Surfaces stays ahead of the game with Sage Accounting

Leisure Surfaces Ltd - United Kingdom

For over 30 years, family-owned business Leisure Surfaces has provided specialist construction and maintenance for tennis courts and multi-use areas. It relies on Sage Accounting.

A growing business with new requirements

When Leisure Surfaces started out, it built two or three courts per year.  With a small number of projects, an on-premise manual accounting system sufficed. But as the business grew to more than 50 builds per year, and with the addition of maintenance to their service offerings, it needed a more efficient and accessible solution.

My VAT return would take half a day as I painstakingly went through all our customers.

Suzanne Mottershead
Company Secretary

First-class support

Where Leisure Surfaces previously spent two to three hours per day on accounting activities, it now devotes just two to three hours per week, and and it no longer requires external consultancy. And, if support is required, it relies on the Sage 24/7 support team to answer queries.

Before, if I had a problem, I’d ring up the accountants. Now I’d just ring the Sage support team.

Suzanne Mottershead
Company Secretary

In control of the numbers

Moving to the cloud and Sage Accounting has simplified time-consuming tasks such as posting invoices, sending cheques, re-calculating errors and manually reconciling bank statements.  Ease of use, accurate information and the instant visibility of financial data in Sage Accounting has also helped the business save time and money.

Sage Accounting makes you feel like you’re more in control of your business.

Suzanne Mottershead

Company Secretary

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