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Scale Your Sales uses Sage Accounting to keep track of business

Scale Your Sales - United Kingdom

The seamless flexibility of Sage Accounting provides the sales framework and podcast company with the insights it needs to keep customers happy.

Operating solo

Janice B. Gordon is a customer growth expert and founder of Scale Your Sales, which she runs from her home studio office. As a small business owner, Janice needs to be able to rely on a flexible accounting solution that keeps track of her finances with precision. She is then free to focus on the most important aspect of her work: delivering for customers.

I need to stay in touch with my own finances and really keep control of my business.

Janice B. Gordon

Seamless and reliable

Janice chooses Sage Accounting to manage her business finances for its reliability, and the flexibility of being able to work across any device. It allows her to focus on seamlessly offering her customers anything they require in any way they want, and it enables her to grow the business.

Sage is so seamless. I can use my iPad or phone. I can easily access my accounts and I know what's going on. I can check whether a customer actually paid me because it's connected to my bank account.

Janice B. Gordon

Delivering a great customer experience

With her finances covered by Sage Accounting, Janice can create the best customer experience possible for her Scale Your Sales customers. The automated features and connected bank feeds allow her to continue to scale her own sales and grow with confidence.

Sage Accounting means you don't have to spend any time on accounting. You don't need to worry about it. It's just happening for you. So I can focus on delivering a great customer experience and service to my customers.

Janice B. Gordon

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