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Sky Spa finds peace of mind with Sage Accounting

Sky Spa Wellness Centre - United Kingdom

Sky Spa focuses on health and wellbeing leaving the numbers to Sage Accounting

Simplifying finances with Sage Accounting

Sky Spa Wellness is a health centre in Barry owned by Dan and Hollie Shardlow. They focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of clients.

Dan is a fitness instructor and personal trainer, and his wife Hollie is a massage and beauty therapist. Not being qualified accountants themselves, they wanted to focus on growing the business without having to worry about their accounts.

Before Sage, accounting was a big headache for us, and it was overwhelming.

Dan Shardlow

Automated, reliable and seamless accounting

Spending late nights working on their accounts was becoming a chore for Dan and Hollie, so with the help of Sage Accounting their bank transactions now flow effortlessly and automatically. Having 24/7 financial visibility at the click of a button and reduced paperwork, they now have more time to work on their core competency - client wellbeing. 

Sage Accounting automatically processes bank statements and invoices. It’s all done for you. I can look at my accounts whenever I want on my mobile.

Dan Shardlow

Making the business tick

Sage has provided Dan and Hollie with financial peace of mind so they can focus on growing their business. Because of Sage, they know that they can expand and Sage Accounting will support them.

With Sage Accounting, you don’t have to worry about anything. The beauty of automation is that we can focus on what makes the business tick.

Dan Shardlow

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