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Back in the driving seat with Sage X3

Thatcham Research - United Kingdom

Vehicle safety research group Thatcham Research sets and reaches ambitious milestones for accelerated growth with X3.

Cumbersome, old ERP

Thatcham Research was established nearly 50 years ago by a group of motor insurance businesses.  It has since evolved into a recognised authority speaking on behalf of the motor insurance industry. As the company has grown, it has had to improve its ability to analyse data and handle information. Existing ERP systems were slow and hard to use.

About five years ago, it became increasingly obvious to our business that the system we had at that time for ERP and finance was no longer fit for purpose.

Ian Butterfield
Finance Controller

A streamlined process and clearer insights

Thatcham Research invited multiple suppliers to tender and assessed the market to replace its old system. It selected the K3 Business Technology Group to deploy X3. Today, Thatcham Research uses the finance module within X3 to streamline recording, reporting, and gain insight into the costings and commercial performance.

It was the right approach, and as a result, the deployment came in under budget and hit the milestones we set ourselves.

Ian Butterfield
Finance Controller

A clean, accurate database of current customers

X3 allowed Thatcham Research to move beyond its old, cumbersome customer database and get more from existing business processes. It also provided the business with the right balance between encouraging individual initiative and maintaining control over what matters.

Sage X3 gave us a blank sheet of paper. So we were able to do a degree of database cleansing…the old system had grown in a way that veered out of control.

Ian Butterfield
Finance Controller

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