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Award-winning B2B marketing agency builds a sustainable business strategy with Sage Earth

velo - United Kingdom

With ESG of increasing importance to its clients, Sage Earth helps Velo become a leader by example.

Time to assess ESG status

To keep growing its by-recommendation roster of clients and continue telling credible client stories, Velo had to first assess then strategically meet its own ambitions—net zero by 2030, and to pioneer sustainable marketing that helps tell client stories credibly. Sage Earth offers a solution that can accurately measure Velo’s carbon footprint and highlight a sustainable path forward.

While we wanted our path to sustainability to match our clients’ ambition, we…had to be realistic about the scale…as well as making sure we helped others.

Paul Crabtree
Managing Director

Transforming working practices with Sage Earth

Visibility from their Sage Earth dashboards is enabling new conversations within the business. The wider team can see the impact of its choices and use this visibility to drive accountability for making better decisions. This has also led to Velo’s work changing too, including designing ESG reports through to brand storytelling for company credibility presentations. 

Visibility creates accountability. Sage Earth has guided our ambition, our ESG strategy, and our timeframes… to go quicker than we thought possible.

Paul Crabtree
Managing Director

Pioneering a sustainable way forward

Velo relies on the Sage Earth team to provide expertise around terminology, frameworks, and credible certifications. This has saved hours of research and accelerated the Velo team’s understanding. “We’ve won new clients but more importantly reassured many existing ones from our ESG strategy, which all started with Sage Earth,” Paul explains.

It has given us the visibility we needed. Without Sage Earth and their team, quite simply, we would have no plan.

Paul Crabtree
Managing Director

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