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Who Lets Your Dog Out puts a leash on accounts with Sage Accounting

Who Lets Your Dog Out - United Kingdom

Dog-walking and home-boarding company swaps out Excel spreadsheets for Sage software and cuts invoicing time in half

Data inputting clouds strategic thinking

Who Lets Your Dog Out was founded in 2018 as a sole trader, and finances were managed in a simple Excel spreadsheet. Whilst this worked for a time, Sara, the owner couldn't say with any precision how much money the business was generating. Without an overview of the company finances, they lacked the information to inform the direction of the business.

I was just spending so much time inputting data; I didn’t have time to really think about what to do next.

Sara Barnes

Invoicing on the move

The biggest benefit of implementing Sage Accounting for Who Lets Your Dog Out’s owner comes in the time saved. Averaging 120 invoices a month, Sara was spending about six hours every month on invoicing. Now she can complete her end-of-month invoices in around 2.5 hours, with the ability to compose and send invoices in the Sage mobile app whilst out walking.

I think the fact you can almost be your own accountant with Sage, it just makes it amazing - Sage works great for me.

Sara Barnes

Informing the next steps

Having gained some time back, Sara can now think more strategically about where she wants to take Who Lets Your Dog Out. The visibility provided by Sage Accounting not only allows her to keep a check on how the company is doing financially, but also informs her when she can take money out of the business and invest in something new. 

I couldn’t have told you this time last year how much money I had other than what my bank balance told me. Now I’ve got different pots of money for different things.

Sara Barnes

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