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An even greater Zest for Adventure with Sage Accounting

Zest for Adventure - United Kingdom

Zest for Adventure, an outdoor education company, helps young people develop vital life skills. Sage Accounting provides the insight and process automation it needs to grow.

Getting more from business accounting software

Zest for Adventure had accounting software, but it was rudimentary. The company wanted to upgrade to a solution that gave them better business insight, more real time information and the ability to access it from any location. They also wanted to streamline reporting to HMRC. Above all, this would give them more time focus on their core competency - working with young people.

The old system was very basic. It provided the information that I needed, but it didn’t go any further than that.

David Goss

Sage Accounting works anywhere

Sage Accounting gives Zest for Adventure easy access to comprehensive, real-time information across the business and integrates well with systems used by HMRC. Submitting tax information is now quick and easy, saving time and effort. And it works from any location; perfect for a business that mainly operates outdoors!

The good thing about Sage from my point of view is that everything just works… it integrates very well with HMRC, I can submit my information automatically.

David Goss

Sage makes time for the work that matters

Sage provides the comprehensive, accurate data required to make the right business decisions and drive Zest for Adventure forward. Knowing that accounting is automated, the company has more time to develop the business in the best way possible.

Sage Accounting is a real benefit for my business. I know what’s going on in real time… the fact that I can access that information from anywhere is a very useful feature.

David Goss


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