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Accounts payable automation software for small businesses

Bring balance to your back-office using AP automation, powered by AI. Manage finance tasks from one place, including your bank, payment systems, purchase and expense automation, and credit supply. 

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Make AP automation a breeze

Efficiency is on your side with the benefits of accounts payable automation. 

Know your spending at all times

Keep track of every cent your business spends with simplified, automated features that remove the burden of manual data entry. 

Avoid hours of admin

Digitising your financial records ensures that no expense goes missing. Wave goodbye to stacks of paperwork. 

Manage finances with confidence

Know when and where your business is due to collect and pay up with connected banking, automated data capture, and insight-filled dashboards. 

How can your business benefit from AP automation?

From keeping your reports accurate, to boosting your business productivity, AP automation features give you the power to take back your time and focus on your business. 

Save time and money

Cut back on the hours taken up by manual data entry using automated data capture, as part of our AI powered Purchase Automation features. With Accounting, you can automate tasks and focus on those of higher value.

  • Upload or email a purchase invoice and our AI will automatically extract details and create a pre-populated draft for you to approve.
  • Our AI correctly identifies the supplier, amount, dates, and line items
  • Any duplicate invoices are detected and flagged so you don't pay twice by mistake, helping you stay on top of your bills.

Keep suppliers on side

Manage how your business works with suppliers, making sure information flows. From contracts to cashflow visibility, you’re in control. 

  • Get instant insights on aged creditors or comprehensive lists of credits incurred by using simple dashboards and powerful reporting.
  • Control spending and bespoke credit terms with terms as agreed, for an accurate picture of your finances.
  • Sending returns or cancelling purchases? Flagging disputes or creating credit notes becomes easy with AP automation. 

Better connect for easy reconciliation

Create bank feeds to automatically pull transactions into Sage Accounting for simpler reconciliation:

  • Automatically pull transactions daily so your records are up to date.
  • Match instantly with captured purchase invoices and expenses. 
  • Set your bank rules to take the pain out of manually entering recurring expenses.

Stay in control of your cashflow

Automate and streamline tasks like posting purchases and expenses. Get a more accurate view of cashflow, and harness the power to make decisions for now, and later. 

  • Get full visibility of upcoming payments and outgoings.
  • Powerful reporting gives you full sight of unreconciled payments, transactions, and receipts.
  • Analyse and categorise your data to spot challenges and opportunities in real-time.

Plans to support you and your business

Get full access to your product, and upgrade or cancel at any time. No long-term contracts, commitments or hidden fees.

Accounting Start

Great for sole traders and freelancers.
per month/excl VAT*
FREE for 3 months, then €15 a month. You save €45
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Great for sole traders and start-ups.
per month/excl VAT*
FREE for 3 months, then €31 a month. You save €93.00
*Get 3 months free, then €15/€31 + VAT/mo (tier depending). Terms and conditions apply.
(1) Starting at 5 employees for €0.00 (offer price when coupled with Sage Accounting) per month + VAT with the option to add employee tiers for up to 100 employees. RRP from €12 + VAT per month (after offer).

Sage Marketplace

Get added functionality with our partner apps which integrate directly with Sage Accounting, bringing you more tools that help you get the job done.


Remove the need for data entry

AutoEntry is an intelligent, cloud-based solution which eliminates bookkeeping data entry, so users never again have to type up invoices or receipts.


Get paid faster

Satago helps business owners and accountants get invoices paid faster and protect against credit risk.


Fast and easy job management app

Tradify streamlines and automates your job tracking, from enquiry to payment. Reduce admin hours in scheduling, payroll, and more.


Cashflow Protection Software

itsettled identifies payment risks and automatically collects overdue invoices - saving time, improving working capital, and allowing businesses to thrive.

“With my bank connected to Sage Accounting I am in control of business performance, and I know where to focus my attention.”

Roisin Culligan
Brew Box Coffee

Accounts Payable Software FAQs

Accounts payable is how a business processes purchase invoices and payments in the accounting cycle. You may choose to pay bills as soon as they land, but it’s more likely you'll have a number of bills to pay at different times. Your accounts payable process is how you organise and account for that activity.

Sage accounts payable software helps businesses streamline their accounts payable processes through invoice automation, payment remittance, tax calculation and supplier management – for small business accounts payable and receivable.

When a business buys goods or services on credit (rather than cash) it will credit accounts payable and the credit balance will increase. When a business pays one of its suppliers the amount included in accounts payable, the company should debit accounts payable meaning the credit balance is decreased.

Accounts payable is a short-term credit mechanism used by a business to pay a supplier for products and services. Payment terms differ, typically across 30 or 90 days. The payable amount goes into default if a business does not pay within the terms agreed, and is listed on a company's balance sheet. Accounts payable is a liability since it's money owed to creditors and is listed under current liabilities.

With Accounting, Sage users can get access to a number of helpful tools to meet all of their accounts payable requirements.

Purchase Automation is the newest AI-based tool which automatically extracts purchase invoice details and creates a pre-populated draft for you to approve. Our AI correctly identifies the supplier, amount, dates, and line items, taking the manual work out of completing your account payable tasks. Save on time and prevent mistakes as duplicate invoices are detected and flagged automatically - helping you stay on top of your bills.

AutoEntry features also allow you to stay on top of your accounts payable as an additional add-on app. Generate, upload, and populate invoices and documentation, without the need for manual paperwork. Instantly capture information for:

  • Purchase invoices and credit notes
  • Supplier statements 
  • Sales invoices and credit notes 
  • Bank statements 
  • Expenses 
  • Line itemisation included

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