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Smarter, flexible reporting


Make the right call every time with reporting insights that help you avoid costly oversights.

Clear, instant insights

Get instant access to actionable insights that give you a clear view of your business. Stay on top of your numbers and take control of your next steps.

Take control

See the bigger picture with intuitive dashboards. You have the ability to tailor reports and adapt your approach as needed.

Act with confidence

Confidently plan for future success. Get the right tools and resources in place to collaborate, power your processes, and make better business decisions.  

Advanced and insightful reports

  • Access a variety of advanced reports, from balance sheets to dashboards outlining profits and loss. 
  • Stay in the loop with detailed views of new enhancements that are released —enabling you to customise your reports as and when you see fit. 
  • Better plan for the future success with one true view of your business performance which you can easily share with your accountant. 

Visualise and manipulate data

Transform your data insights into smarter strategies with Sage Intelligence. Get instant visual display of financial data for quick decision making, or drill down for the bigger picture. Control your reporting without ever having to leave Accounting.

  • Add ready-to-use or custom report layouts.
  • Use online or export to Excel and build custom reports from scratch. 
  • Access a library of step-by-step videos to make the most of your software.

Smarter, customisable reporting

Sage Reporting lets you drill down into your data to better understand your business performance. Draw out detailed insights for added clarity, context, and confidence to make informed decisions for success. Get more flexibility and accuracy than spreadsheets can provide, with interactive, bespoke ways to visualise data. 

With Sage Accounting, your business reporting needs are fully covered

  Standard accounting reports   Sage Intelligence
 Standard dashboards  Static Reports  Online & Excel Reports
 Out-of-the-box dashboard/s  High-level overview dashboards  Interactive visual dashboards
 Save as PDF  teal check mark  teal check mark
 Save reports to CSV  teal check mark  
 Email reports from within Accounting  teal check mark  Can email PDF or Excel report
 Customise standard financial reports    teal check mark
 Create new financial reports from scratch    teal check mark
 Download reports to Excel (retaining formatting)    teal check mark
 Drill down into the details of your report    teal check mark

Sage Marketplace

Get added functionality with our partner apps which integrate directly with Sage Accounting, bringing you more tools that help you get the job done.


3 – way modelling and forecasting

Castaway is a reporting and business modelling solution that allows you to budget, forecast, analyse KPI’s, model scenarios and manage consolidations.


Make smarter decisions

Automate the way you consolidate financial, sales and KPI data with Joiin. Create great looking, detailed reports that can be accessed on any device, anywhere

Zapier for Reporting & Analytics

Accurately track performance

Choose from a range of apps that link to Sage Accounting, including Google Analytics, Zoho Analytics, and Trustpilot to review performance across your business.


Reporting and analytics

Powerful analytics to take you from data to decisions

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