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Take charge of your future today with the Sage Student World Programme


Don’t place a waiting period towards upskilling yourself, the power to equip yourself with relevant up to date skills starts today. Kick start your career and get that competitive edge by enrolling in our certified programme.

What is the Sage Student World Programme ?

At Sage we believe in equipping you with relevant up to date skills that enable you as a student to be effective from the moment you step into the workplace. Our universities program plays a very important role in ensuring you have access to the latest cloud software and that you learn the practical skills you need to utilise the theory you have been taught as part of your curriculum with full, live versions of Sage’s cloud accounting and payroll software solutions.

Sage also understands that the graduate job market is a competitive environment and as such we want to give you access to further your studies and earn Sage certifications, which will give you a competitive edge after graduation, either in formal employment or equipping you to start your own business with relevant and up to date skills to ensure your success.

Skill up with our cloud-based programmes and get accredited with the Sage Student World Programme

Get the Sage stamp of approval to launch your career to optimal success. Skill up in order to be an impactful leader, with recognised accredited certification. On completion of your studies, you will be equipped with specific Sage Business Cloud skills and receive main certifications, that are recognised in the South African market.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting End User Certificate
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Practitioner

Sage Business Cloud Payroll

  • Sage Business Cloud Payroll End User Certificate
  • Sage Business Cloud Payroll Practitioner 

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

  • Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional End User Certificate
  • Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional Practitioner

What are the career opportunities available to students based on the Sage certifications?

With Sage Certifications recognised across South Africa, you will have the option to explore a wide variety of careers such as, but not limited to the following:
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Sage Business Partner
  • Sage Business Cloud Advisor
  • Sage Business Cloud Accountant Advisor

Expand your knowledge with Sage Business Cloud

Elevate your learning experience by getting practical knowledge through our programme. Download our programme guide to see how we have made the learning process to be more engaging and interactive. Through our guide you will further learn on what you can expect in the Student World Programme and actively start to participate in your learning process. Download the e-book or get in touch with us to find out more.

Upskill your students and get registered with us

As a lecturer you can upskill your students and play an active role towards the upliftment of equipping students with the skills and expertise required for the workplace or entrepreneurship. As part of Sage’s commitment to equipping students with relevant and current skills, students registered with Sage approved universities have access to Sage’s full eLearning curriculum.

Students can further upgrade their skillset

Students can earn additional certifications that are widely recognised in the South African market

Students will gain free access to courses that are usually paid for

Why Sage students are top tier

The Sage Student World Programme gives you as our valued Partner access to the best selection of students who know both theory and practical work.

The programme will bring more value to your recruitment selection, as the students will be fully certified with Sage skills. This creates an incredible opportunity to gain access to students with an advanced skill set, enhanced knowledge, and a deeper understanding of their theoretical learning.

The practical application produces quality students who have an enhanced ability to better apply themselves in their work.

What people are saying

Working with SAGE over the last years has assisted towards providing our students with more exposure through being able to teach the theory and then execute some of the transactions using the software. This has added a more practical feel to what we can offer as a university and is something different that the students really enjoy. Having digital skills is an important attribute that we would like our learners to have irrespective of the backgrounds they come from taking into account the importance of digital skills in the marketplace. Further being able to produce a certificate has been a real game changer for some of our students who were able to access employment opportunities as a result.

Chuma Mjali
Deputy Head of Department for Accounting
University of Forte Hare

Student World FAQs

Visit this website and create your profile; then send your request to this email address stating which learning material you need access to.
Visit this website and create your profile; then send your request to this email address stating which learning material you need access to.
Yes, send an email to [email protected] to have your account extended.
You do not have to pay for any Universities’ learning programmes; software offered for educational purposes cannot be used for business purposes.
Sage Cloud-based products are compatible with most devices that are running Windows except Apple/IOS products; for these you will have to install some prerequisites.
Your certificate will be sent to your email address in your profile and YES you can include it in your profile.

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