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Do more with intelligent business management software

With a dedicated business process management system, companies can streamline operations and focus on growth. Take back control with powerful business management software today.

Your business needs a flexible business management system

As your organisation grows, so does the list of responsibilities and business complexities. From juggling personnel management, to keeping on top of finances, supply chains and operations, managing a business efficiently can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

That’s where business management solutions come in. These powerful systems consolidate your operations, giving you a complete overview of business activity in real-time. With the right software, you’ll gain unprecedented insights into your company’s performance for strategic decision-making and enhanced efficiency.


What is an enterprise management system?

Enterprise performance management software is a comprehensive set of online tools for managing your company more effectively. As part of an ERP system, these applications allow you to analyse information and optimise every aspect of your business. Reduce spend, save time and improve workflow with business management software.

Key benefits of a business process management system

Our flexible business process management system can transform your operational performance:

  • Adapts to your changing business requirements and ensures compliance
  • Enables the reviewing of business-critical information in real-time
  • Cloud functionality reduces the costs of implementing and maintaining your software
  • Allows for seamless collaboration and an intuitive user experience
  • Helps your workforce optimise their time and focus on implementing business growth techniques
  • Simplifies every part of your operation and helps reduce costs via automation

Grow your organisation with all-in-one business management software

Our robust business management software gives you more control and oversight than traditional ERP systems. Accomplish more in less time with Sage.

Focus on business growth

Our integrated system helps unlock more time and opportunities for growth. With access to all of your organisational data in one platform, your workforce can spend less time manually collating information and more time generating revenue.

Adapt to changes quickly

Consistent, real-time reports make business-critical decisions easier. Be proactive to the changing needs of your enterprise and external markets with insightful data. Operate across multiple countries, languages, currencies, companies, sites and legislations.

Do business on your own terms

Our easy-to-use business management solutions adjust to your company’s unique rules and procedures to make it easier to manage crucial aspects like HR, CRM, fixed assets and more. Cloud functionality means you can access your software from any location or device.


Find powerful solutions to future-proof your business

We’re proud to offer a suite of powerful business management software to South African companies. Whether you’re looking for a small business management system, or a robust solution for your growing organisation - we can help.

Spend more time focusing on higher value activities

Use real-time analytics to identify the areas of your business that yield the greatest returns. Accomplish more with a business management software that streamlines business processes and improves collaboration across the supply chain.

Adapt to changes in the marketplace faster

Adopt a proactive, informed approach to solving business-critical issues based on real-time insights into your inventory and financials. Operate teams across multiple countries, supporting multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites and legislations.

Sage Business Cloud X3

Our easy-to-use business management solutions adjust to your company’s unique rules and procedures to make it easier to manage crucial aspects like human capital management, CRM, fixed assets and more.

Additional business management tools and resources

Sage Business Cloud X3 helps you gain oversight into all aspects of your business. Want further information about business management software and related tools? Our guides explain more.

Discover small business management systems

Discover our cost-effective solutions designed specifically for small businesses, and how Sage can help you better optimise your organisation.

Learn about implementing enterprise software

Plan an efficient implementation strategy for your business process management software and ensure integration runs smoothly with our guide.

Explore cloud based business management solutions

Collaborate with your team regardless of their location and manage your business from anywhere with accessible online software.

More on enterprise resource planning

Find out how ERP software from Sage will help facilitate your company’s growth and development, no matter what industry you operate in.

Get advice on running an efficient enterprise

Access useful insights into running a more profitable business and getting the most out of your business management tools.

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