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Enterprise Business Management software from Sage

Make informed decisions based on real-time information about your business' finance, HR, and daily operations. 

Work smarter with business process management software

Gain a comprehensive view of your business with crucial information stored in one place.

Since the 1960s, enterprise resource management has evolved from a tool for materials to a solution for managing every area of your business. Today’s ERP systems are often poorly implemented and don’t support the needs of modern, growing businesses.

It can take years for a business to see an ROI from traditional ERP systems, which are also difficult to adapt. When problems or bugs happen, companies often struggle to find the help or support needed to resolve the issue. 

Our business management systems have been specifically been designed to meet the ERP needs of modern businesses. As a cloud ERP business system, it does everything traditional ERP systems do and more, at a fraction of the cost.


What is a business software suite?

A business software suite is a comprehensive set of applications or products for managing every area of a business. These areas typically include people, finances, operations, customer information, sales, marketing and more. 

This type of software is also known as ERP or enterprise resource planning software. Sage Business Cloud is an example of a modern business software suite.


Discover the benefits of strategic business management software

Business management helps you streamline essential business processes and collaborate across departments. Data is stored in the cloud, so remote employees can access and analyse it from any location, at any time.

Unlike old and expensive ERP solutions, a cloud-based business management system:

  • Has lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Enables the reviewing of business-critical information in real time
  • Adapts to your changing business requirements
  • Offers you and your team a modern and intuitive user experience
  • Simplifies every part of your operation and helps reduce costs
  • Helps you and your management team focus on growing your business
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The difference between business management and ERP software

Business process management software is a robust solution that can accomplish more than ERP is capable of. Whether based in the cloud or on premise, it streamlines business processes and improves collaboration for organisations operating in multiple countries or across the supply chain.

The best business management software solves the problems typically associated with ERP, like being difficult and expensive to implement and use. It also supports multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites, and legislations, as well as enabling individual divisions or countries to follow business rules while sharing information. Lastly, the solution is flexible with the ability to scale when necessary.

For example, consider a manager of a distribution company. They may want to scale up their business management solution as the holiday season approaches and add additional users based in the businesses warehouses. After the holiday season when demand goes down, this manager can scale down their business management solution and remove users.

Spend more time focusing on higher value activities

Use real-time analytics to identify the areas of your business that yield the greatest returns. Accomplish more with business management software that streamlines business processes and improves collaboration across the supply chain.
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Adapt to changes in the marketplace faster

Adopt a proactive, informed approach to solving business-critical issues based on real-time insights into your inventory and financials. Operate teams across multiple countries, supporting multiple languages, currencies, companies, sites and legislations.

Sage Business Cloud X3

Our easy-to-use business management solutions adjust to your company’s unique rules and procedures to make it easier to manage crucial aspects like human capital management, CRM, fixed assets, and more.

Additional ERP and business management resources

Sage Business Cloud X3 helps you gain oversight into all aspects of your business. The best business management software is one that makes the ERP process simple and easy, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

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