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ERP for Small Business

Prepare for tomorrow's needs today with a cost-effective solution designed specifically for growing business.

Make smarter business decisions with ERP software for small business

ERP helps you streamline routine operational tasks, cutting costs and valuable time.

As a small business builder, you need to be savvy about how you plan your day. The time used to complete administrative or operational tasks, like payroll or inventory, could be better spent identifying new opportunities for growth. 

Many small businesses rely on outdated accounting and ERP solutions that can’t fully support their needs. You need an ERP solution that meets your company’s requirements and can adapt as you grow.

Selecting an ERP system for your small business

Before selecting ERP software for a small business, it’s critical to understand what the needs (and pain points) of your business are and if ERP software will help you address them. 

Consider how ERP will impact your day-to-day business processes, how your employees will use the system within their role, and the overall expected cost as well as any deadlines. Having a clear understanding of your company’s needs will help you select the best small business ERP software.

Small business ERP software can address some of the challenges growing businesses face. For example, many struggle with inconsistent information from different areas of the organisation or lack of access to up-to-date financial information when they need it. These problems can significantly impact your business and its ability to seize new opportunities.

Most small businesses will find that cloud ERP software is typically cheaper to adopt and implement than on-premise solutions, due to the nature of SaaS (Software as a Service). However, these businesses could be better served by considering small business management software that combines the best of cloud ERP and on-premise ERP software.

Benefits of Sage ERP for SMEs

Enterprise management software from Sage has been designed specially for your needs, making it easier and quicker to grow your business.


Sage Business Cloud accelerates every part of your business, including procurement, production, sales and customer service. You'll gain better insights into how all areas of your business is performing.


Our software adapts to your teams' roles, preferences and workflows. It offers secure cloud and mobile access to business information and simplifies managing your small business.


You can configure Sage Business Cloud to meet the needs of your industry. What's more, you'll have total control over your data and your company's IT strategy.

What ERP means for small business

In rapidly growing smaller businesses, managers sometimes can’t see what’s happening in every area of their business. They may, for example, not know how much inventory their business has or requires.

ERP means owners and managers can see what’s happening in every area of their business including: administration and operational functions, HR, procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales and marketing, customer service and more.

Delivering a successful ERP deployment

Any small business owner who wants an ERP software solution to succeed must first gather requirements from all stakeholders and carefully plan the project in advance if they want to see ROI.

ERP's reputation for being painful, expensive, and difficult to use puts off many small businesses who are ready to take the next step. Proper project scoping will help you avoid the common pitfalls and get a cost effective ERP system.

Prior to selecting the best ERP for your SME, it’s useful to understand:

  • How ERP will impact on day-to-day business processes
  • How people within a company will use ERP software as part of their role
  • The cost of an ERP implementation project from beginning to end
  • The time it will take to implement such as a solution

The good news is an ERP solution from Sage is affordable, flexible, and easy to implement. It'll help you and your small business work differently.

From small retail and e-commerce companies to construction firms, ERP software can take your business to the next level.


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