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Support service provides better care with Sage

The New Zealand-based not-for-profit organisation provides support for around 800 people with intellectual or other disabilities, and for those recovering from mental illness. It depends on Sage for its client reporting.

“Sage has enabled Pact to be seen as a service leader in a way that we weren’t before. We’re recognised for having IT knowledge and skills, as well as supporting people with disabilities.”

Donald Shand,

Director of Operations, Pact Group

Documenting the client journey

Pact had relied on manual, paper-based methods to manage client relationships across an extensive range of programmes, including supported housing, vocational assistance, respite care and carer support. Every client had a physical file that had to be located and filled in for every interaction which proved challenging when they moved between programmes.

Collating and monitoring a client’s progress between hospitals, GPs and other specialists was similarly complex for a paper-based record. It also made reporting to government funding bodies extremely difficult.

Pact needed a solution that would improve the quality of customer service, enhance reporting accuracy and allow staff to record, track and manage all client activity in one centralised location.

The people who come to us are often referred from two or three sources and there may be funding associated with each source,”said Donald Shand, Director of Operations. “We need to be confidently able to track all the revenue associated with a person as well as all the inputs such as staff time and resources applied on their behalf.”

One-stop self-service solution

Sage was identified as a powerful and flexible software platform that could be easily customised to meet Pact’s specific client reporting requirements. Deployed by Enabling, a Sage Partner, it was integrated with the organisation’s website to give authorised staff and healthcare professionals secure access to client records from any location.

Managers and staff now have fast access to a wide range of client information. The system’s ease-of-use and intuitive information flow, along with the improved and accurate reporting, has transformed the way the business operates.

What we achieved is a non-daunting user experience that allows a tech support worker with minimal skill to navigate a system that’s reasonably intuitive,” said Shand, “one that doesn’t present too much difficulty when they need to do their own bit of data entry or when retrieving information.”

A better-connected organisation

Moving from a labour intensive, paper-based process to a sophisticated client management solution has made Pact much more efficient. Managers and staff are just a few clicks away from a wide range of client information. Data can be analysed by site, worker or client, and the system provides rich performance metrics that inform policy.

Sage has saved a huge amount of time and transformed the way the Pact team works. “It helps me to feel connected with the operation without having to be everywhere at once. I feel that I’m reliably hooked into some very real information,” said Donald Shand.

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