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10 things you need to know about cloud accounting

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10 things you need to know about cloud accounting

Here are 10 key things you need to know about cloud accounting:

1. Access your accounts in the cloud, anytime, anywhere

The beach, the bar, the bedroom, the Golf course! All you need is an internet connection = Greater flexibility.

2. Simple to use

Reduce the time you spend on paperwork = Better efficiency.

3. Share information online easily

With your accountant, bookkeeper, bank, business partner – whoever, whenever = Increased accessibility.

4. Say goodbye to year-end historical data

Here’s to the future – running your business with real time information = Improved decision making.

5. Remove the need for manual and paper based systems

Get organised – free up space in your office = Clutter free working environment.

6. Keep the tax man happy

HMRC compatible software and systems = Stress-free accounting.

7. Stay safe and secure

Your files are backed up “in the cloud” = Peace of mind.

8. Always work with the “latest” software version with free updates and upgrades

No more “improved software” upgrades to pay for = More cost effective solutions.

9. Your online accounting software grows with your business

No limit on the number of monthly transactions = Scalable software.

10. Receive free support from award winning contact centre

24/7 email and phone support = Free help, day or night.

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