10 Top tools to help you grow your business in 2017

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A new year, means new opportunities for businesses to grow and increase their success. Do you want to achieve success faster, and more efficiently?

In this blog post, we’re going to go through the top 10 tools that you need this year in order to grow your business.

1. GetResponse

get response

GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing tool that allows you to easily manage your digital needs.

You can use GetResponse to create landing pages, webinars, manage your email marketing and for marketing automation.

One of the best parts about GetResponse (apart from the fact that you have all of the online marketing tools you need in one place) is that they create tailored solutions depending on the industry your business is in, such as for creative agencies, online coaching and more.

2. Cyfe


Cyfe is an all in one tool designed for monitoring all of your business data. With it, you can monitor, among others:

  • Social media
  • Website analytics
  • Marketing: email, SEO, SEM
  • Sales: sales goals, sales reps, new customers
  • Finance: business expenses, revenue, invoices, balances

3. MailShake


MailShake is an email marketing tool for generating leads, promoting your content and shaking up those cold emails.

It’s a great tool if you’re looking to perform outreach, as MailShake provide a selection of email templates that you can use and you can also generate a personalised email for your campaign.

4. ClearVoice


With ClearVoice, you can make the whole content creation and management process easier. It has all of the tools you need, all the way from planning your content creation to distributing and promoting it.

First, you can create an editorial calendar; use their database of trending articles to see what works best in your niche and get ideas. Next, use ClearVoice to find the perfect freelancer to create your content.

5. OptinMonster


With OptinMonster, you can create and test highly effective lead generation forms to help you turn more of your website visitors into leads.

There are multiple form types that you can choose from, such as slide-ins, pop-ups and more that can be personalised easily and A/B tested.

OptinMonster also offer exit-intent technology, which tracks user behaviour to find out the exact moment when a visitor is ready to leave your website, and targets them with a message designed to keep them interested and turn them into leads.

6. Sighted


One of the worst parts about being a business owner is keeping track and dealing with all of your expenses and invoices. Sighted is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs keep track of all their invoices, more easily.

You can also use Sighted to create and send invoices, receive payment by debit or credit card, or PayPal and then send receipts as required, create bills in any currency and check the status of each of your invoices.

7. AppsterHQ


With so many people using their mobile devices daily, many customers expect and prefer the convenience of having an app to use when they’re on the go.

With Appster, you can now create your own mobile app. And they don’t just provide app development, but they also help you market and scale your app for both iOS and Android.

8. WorkflowMax


WorkFlow Max is a cloud based job management software that helps you run your business more efficiently.

It provides a lead and client manager and an online quoting software, tools for time tracking document management and keeping track of purchase orders, invoicing features, collaboration manager and much more.

9. Insightly


Insightly is a customer relationship management and project management tool. Their CRM features allow you to easily manage your leads and contacts, as well as any partners and suppliers. You can check your past conversations, email history, upcoming projects and more.

10. CreditSesame


CreditSesame is a financial tool with multiple useful features. You can check your credit score and get report cards for your monitored credit, as well as any alerts for changes to your credit score, or if there are new loan options available, for example. They also provide insights into your finances that can help you improve them.


Building and managing a business can be much easier when you have a few good tools and software to help you along the way. With these tools, you can save more time, as well as improve upon the success of your business.

What are some of your favourite tools and software to use for your business?

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