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Black Friday 2017: Essential tips for small businesses

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You might wistfully remember back to being woken up early or even setting your alarm, to sit outside shops ready to bag your self a bargain or two in the Boxing Day sales, queuing outside in a post Christmas haze. Not any more.

Black Friday – the day following Thanksgiving in the US – now kick-starts our Christmas gift shopping with a plethora of offers, discounts and one-off bargains.

Black Friday blunders

In past years, bad publicity and injuries through shopper meltdowns led some retailers to rethink their Black Friday strategies. Out went shelves stacked high with discounted products and eager shoppers ready to dive in and grab what they could. In came pared down sales campaigns, with some retailers opting not to take part in the major sales event.

But Black Friday is still big business for a lot of companies and it pays to be prepared.

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How to get involved

For smaller independent businesses, especially online where your shop is effectively open 24 hours a day, taking part couldn’t be easier. But like anything, you need a strategy and a campaign.

Be specific

Instead of having an overall discount giving customers a huge range to choose from, place two or three items on offer. Maybe look at having a different offer each day leading up to Black Friday. Also, try limiting the amount of products on show to spark interest, while increasing a fear of missing out and desire from potential customers.

Start teasing customers

Don’t leave everything to the last minute! Start creating an interest in the products and your offers as soon as with carefully scripted hints and images.

Preparation is key

Use suitable accounting software for your small business to make sure you have adequate stock and the levels are correct in your shop. Prepare your offers or discounts in advance as this will save you valuable time and keep your campaign on track.

Use social media

Although it’s still a bit weird on Facebook, most social media platforms embrace hashtags, Twitter and Instagram especially where it’s the most used search facility.

Use the hashtag #BlackFriday to promote and drive traffic to your offers. Save yourself some time and use scheduling facilities such as Hootsuite and Buffer to promote your offer every hour over your campaign.

Have something special for regular customers

Send a newsletter out to your regular customers with a discount/offer just for them, which will make them feel valued.

Will you be holding a Black Friday offer? Share your tips below.