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Building your profile and making an impact online

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Have you been deliberate in building your profile online to support your professional and career success? Or perhaps you have found it a challenge to decide what is private and you would not want to share online and what you are happy for the world to see if they search for you on Google?

These are some of the topics I wanted to explore with Ian Forrester who was co-hosting a workshop at the recent conference Thinking Digital Manchester which I attended thanks to being a member of the Sage business experts team – Sage was one of the main sponsors of the conference.

I had done some research about Ian, who is a member of the BBC R & D team based in Manchester before we met at the conference. I noticed that he seemed to share a lot of information about himself online, often related to his passion and interest in helping small businesses and start-ups in becoming digitally literate so I was intrigued to find out why he chose to be very public in some of the content he shared.


You can hear the interview with Ian in this podcast. Some of the topics that we cover include:

  • tips for building your presence online using multi-media and making sure that the real you shines through rather than having a ‘fake’ persona
  • a debate about authenticity and if that is an over-used term today
  • how to manage what you post and share online – Ian made the point that personally if there is content online he has posted about himself it is there because he wants people to know that about him
  • how to become comfortable on camera especially given social video and live streaming
  • perceptive media and what we can expect in the future
  • how Ian decides where to put his energy online when sharing content
  • defining what success is for Ian online
  • what Ian would do differently if he were starting to build his online presence today.

We also spoke about the unusual name of Ian’s blog – listen to the podcast for the little challenge Ian has set people to see if you can work out the origins of his blog name, Cubic Garden.

I hope the podcast with Ian has given you some food for thought as you come to plan your online communications to support your professional goals in the year ahead.

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