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Are you ready to be your own boss?

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Business readiness tool
Find out how prepared you are to launch a business in 2 minutes

The BIG question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

  • Are you running an awesome creative freelance business with clients around the world?
  • Perhaps you’re opening up your cosy café for the day – and welcoming the regulars in for their morning cappu-frappa-latte-ccino.
  • Or maybe you’re the CEO of a successful cleaning firm, providing jobs for hundreds of employees.

Whatever your dream, being your own boss is liberating, empowering and exciting – not to mention financially rewarding!

But quitting the safety of a steady job and working for yourself is a big step. So, our business readiness tool helps you figure out whether you have the means the and the mindset to get started

And if not, what you need to do to turn that dream into a reality.

64% Of the UK workforce says they’d love to set up their own business one day


Woah there, cowboy! Before you make the leap…

Now, we don’t want to go all negative on your dreams, but there are risks in starting up a company. You’ll be investing a lot of time, money and energy into the enterprise.
You don’t want that to go to waste!

The good news is that this is all very doable. With a bit of planning and preparation, anyone with ambition can start a successful firm – and that includes you! We’ve got plenty of
tools to help you on your way, including our business cloud accounting and invoicing software.

It’s useful to check in with yourself and see how prepared you are for the different sides of running a company. And that’s what our tool helps you to do.

1 in 10 Brits are actively planning to start a business in 2021


A simple survey

Our tool asks you a handful of questions to work out how ready you are to become your own boss:

  • Financial readiness: Do you have enough wonga to work for yourself, are you comfortable with concepts like cashflow, and do you pay attention to pricing?
  • Administrative readiness: Are you a spreadsheet supremo? Do you find time management tricky? Is compliance a cinch for you?
  • Mindset readiness: Starting a business is a big commitment, so we’re also looking to find out where your head’s at. Are you willing to make the sacrifice that
    launching a business involves? And do you have people who’ve got your back?

It takes just two minutes to complete!

Try it now


What you get

Based on what you tell us, the tool generates a personalised description of your business readiness. You’ll then see links to articles that are tailored to your profile, providing tips for
taking your dream to the next stage.


Good to know

We’d love to get to know you, but we’re not going to ask for your email address, place of birth or what you had for breakfast to see your answers. Try the tool with no strings


You– but in five years’ time

Every journey begins with a first step. So, start your entrepreneurial adventure today with our business readiness tool.

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