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5 simple ways cloud computing can solve your payment woes [Infographic]

Cloud computing doesn't confine you to your computer when working on your business

The way we do business is changing, with the technologies and services we use evolving to match. Cloud computing software is one such service, allowing your company to manage data and files over the internet, rather than on a computer’s hard drive.

In the UK, 77% of businesses have already switched to cloud computing services and that number is predicted to grow to 85% by 2018.

Intrigued? Take a look at five frustrating payment woes you have probably experienced that cloud computing could solve for you.

Out of office

Nobody wants to be halfway home and realise that not only does an urgent invoice have to be paid immediately but it must be done from the office computer. With cloud computing, your access travels but your data doesn’t, meaning that anyone can work effectively and securely wherever they have an internet connection. Mobile accounting can save you a lot of time.

Sudden surges

Peaks and troughs are a fact of business life; the problem is that responding to high demand often results in an excess of wasted resource when things return to normal. You can use cloud computing to solve that issue with its offer of on-demand, scalable solutions.

Security issues

Concerned about the safety of your payments or client data? While opting to move outside of the walls of your office might sound counterintuitive, it is actually safer. Cloud computing companies can devote considerably more resources to their security. Plus, because you need to log on to access your data, as long as you don’t save your password, you won’t have to worry about a possible security breach if you happen to leave your work laptop behind on your next business trip.

Monitoring the situation

Ever been unpleasantly surprised by a monthly bank statement, or realised too late that an error was made when it came to making an important payment? With cloud computing you can stay on top of things with ease, immediately sync with your bank, track expenses and reconcile transactions on the go.

No helping hand

The ins and outs of finance can be difficult to manoeuvre at the best of times, without even taking into consideration the likelihood of frequent changes in compliance regulations. When it comes to cloud computing, you can be assured that any alterations to legislation will be built into the software in real time.

Worried about problems with the software itself? Bear in mind that you’ll have easy access to extensive technical support, so no frenzied hunt for a qualified technician required.

Want to find out more about cloud but got things to do and places to be? We know your time is valuable and often limited, which is why we’ve created an infographic on cloud computing. It offers a brief introduction to the various cloud services that are on offer, as well as the different benefits and potential issues to consider when adopting a cloud infrastructure.


Cloud computing can make a difference to your business