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A guide on elevating your payroll performance

Your people are your company’s most important asset. Making sure your payroll processes are working smoothly will help to keep them onside.

After all, paying your employees on time is really important. According to research by Sage, 35% of UK staff admitted they’d look for a new job if they were paid late, even once.

Making sure your payroll processes are functioning optimally is really important – but there’s a lot for you to stay on top of.

From staying compliant and keeping up with the latest legislation to rewarding employees and recognising the importance of staff wellbeing, performing well in your role as an HR or payroll professional is vital.

So how can you boost that performance to benefit not only your career and the output of your team but the business as a whole?

Elevate your payroll performance is a guide that will help you take the steps to streamline your payroll processes and motivate your team – and the business at large – to perform at its best.

It features advice to help you empower employees, insights into how using employee benefits can reward your staff, and tips to support you in your bid to stay compliant with any existing and forthcoming legislation.

Elevate your payroll performance covers the following topics:

  • Power to the people
  • Creating an engaged and motivated workforce
  • Rewarding and retaining employees
  • Streamlining payroll processes
  • Staying compliant with legislation
  • Use software to perform at your best

An excerpt from Elevate your payroll performance

As an HR or payroll professional, you are responsible for the most critical resource within any business: the people.

Each employee is your customer. They expect payroll to be seamless and always on time. And if the right talent isn’t in place to run the business, nor the right benefits to retain employees, it will face a turbulent future.

When employees feel valued, appreciated and nurtured throughout their relationship with a business, they become committed to giving it their best. They take personal stock in the company’s successes and motivate their colleagues to do the same.

According to Sage research, motivated employees take just 2.69 days off sick per year, versus 6.19 sick days for unmotivated workers. An engaged workforce drives better performance – and a smooth payroll process is critical for engagement.

Your HR and payroll team has the power to elevate overall performance and build a workforce that takes pride in working for the business.

This guide is for businesses looking to surpass employee expectations of people and payroll – those who want to tackle payroll tasks more efficiently and engage with their people more effectively to keep them and attract new talent.

Elevate your payroll performance

Discover how you can streamline your payroll and boost team engagement with workplace experiences that free your employees to perform at their best.

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