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How to run your small business from anywhere in the world

With many small business owners based from home you no longer need premises with staff all located within the same building.

We can share and access documents remotely using online tools without the need to send large documents and files backwards and forwards, manage our finances with ease with the support of small business accounting solutions, and host virtual meetings and conference calls.

Mobile technology can synchronise across devices in real time

The added bonus is many of the applications can be used across multiple devices and synchronised in real-time. So you only need to add data or amend on one device and it is visible across all of them simultaneously.

Many of the applications are free to use or low cost and multiple users can use the same account.

We are spoilt for choice and there are plenty of applications on offer to help support pretty much every business function you can think of. This includes reminders for productivity, keeping a record of ideas and virtual notes, timesheets, mileage trackers and taking care of finances with online invoicing. Documents can be stored in virtual cloud applications, which are easy to share, store and access securely.

Run your small business from anywhere in the world

Mobile access and data roaming charges are improving, with more public places offering the use of free wi-fi within cafes, hotels and meeting venues. Which means it’s only going to get easier and cheaper to operate your business from anywhere in the world.

You no longer have to wait until you are sat in from of your PC or laptop to get things done. I have a desktop PC, tablet and smart phone and along with my favourite apps am ready to go and able to manage my business whilst on the move.

By making full use of mobile technology it helps to avoid a backlog of emails and tasks. You have the ability to remain connected, do business and deal with incoming queries through-out the day.

There is total flexibility and making use of online tools means you don’t have to dash back to your office at the end of a busy day to access files to manage your business.

Fantastic applications ideal for small businesses

These are just some of my favourite applications that help me manage my small business:

  1. Dropbox – Perfect for sharing documents and storing files and information in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about downloading or sending large files via email or waiting until you are back in the office to access or update.
  2. Evernote – All your notes available instantly in one place. You can save and amend project ideas, to-do lists, upload photos, brilliant and paperless. So important tasks and reminders don’t get buried in your mind, on your desk or within notebooks and easily forgotten about.
  3. Google Mail – Reliable and ideal for all business and personal emails, contacts and calendars.
  4. Skype / Facetime – Avoid expensive phone call charges within in the UK and internationally ideal for video and voice calls.
  5. Hootsuite helps schedule, respond and publish across all social media networks.

When you’re a fully mobile business you can take full advantage of the glorious summer and sit in the sunshine, in the garden, or take a holiday and relax. As you’re no longer tied to your desk but able to work and keep in the loop at all times. If you choose to of course!