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Perform at your best: A guide for medium-sized businesses

Learn how automating manual tasks and effectively using data can elevate business performance.

How well is your business performing? No doubt as your business scales, things are getting more complex and the resulting performance may not be as strong as you’d like.

As a medium-sized business, processes are likely to get more complicated, silos will be slowing you down, and you’ll have the added challenge of competing in an interconnected business environment.

But what if you could work more efficiently, use data and analytics to make smart decisions quickly, and invest in your employees in the right way to help them propel what they do for the business?

Perform at your best is a guide that will help you take the steps to improve how your business functions, so you can start to exceed expectations about what your company can achieve.

In the guide, you’ll learn how using automation can free up time on finance tasks such as bank reconciliation, sales ordering and invoicing; how CFOs can become visionaries by using company data and insights to make smart business decisions fast; and how understanding your employees and focusing on great workforce experiences can help to elevate the performance of your people.

Perform at your best covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to business performance
  • Become more efficient and productive
  • Use deeper insights to make smart decisions
  • Transform how you manage and engage your people
  • How AutoClaims Direct and Expereo improved their business performance
  • Conclusion on business performance

An excerpt from Perform at your best

Growing complexity naturally affects business performance, leading to a productivity gap. When an organisation gets larger, business processes and IT can reach such a level of complexity that it can feel like employees, customers and partners need to jump through too many hoops to find what they need, affecting output, productivity and the way they work.

A medium-sized business that becomes bigger and more complex can become siloed. It’s natural for your employees to focus on their own jobs.

However, this can result in a failure to collaborate in ways that can benefit the whole organisation. Complexity kills collaboration and the ability of businesses to share information across teams, hurting performance and productivity.

To elevate how your business performs, it’s worth concentrating on the following three areas:

1. Become more efficient and productive

To become more efficient and productive, you’re going to need to embrace digital, and that requires transformation.

Through technology, you can save time and manage challenges that come with complexity, such as compliance. Software also allows you to automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual workloads.

2. Use deeper insights to make smart decisions

If you can make use of the vast amounts of data available to you in our digitised world, then you can put yourself in a great position to make better decisions.

You can predict the future of your business, uncover hidden opportunities and close information gaps.

3. Transform how you manage and engage your people

Your people are your biggest asset for growth. Want your organisation to perform at its best? You’ll need your workforce to be successful.

Transforming how you attract, manage and retain top talent is vital for your business to thrive.

Perform at your best

Discover how to improve productivity, make smarter decisions and offer great workforce experiences so you can elevate the performance of your medium-sized business.

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