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Are you a finance heavyweight? Take our interactive quiz

Test your financial fitness

Get your financial performance in the best shape to drive business growth
Use our financial fitness calculator to find out:

  • Whether your communication, tech and data are up to the task.
  • How to keep your finance function fighting fit.
  • If your financial data and technology are holding you back.

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Is your finance team feeling the pressure?

Your finance team has enormous potential. The potential to add value to your business, to unlock vital insights that power high-speed decision making and to give you the business agility to pivot in the face of uncertainty.
At the same time, it’s vital that your finance team works efficiently and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to maintaining control and compliance.
But often, instead of being free to focus on adding value, finance teams are:

  •  Trapped by day-to-day processing and time-consuming month-end close cycles.
  • Tied up with manual processing and reporting.
  • Struggling with lack of visibility across systems.
  • Grappling with consolidating multiple entities.

These challenges could be stopping your business benefitting from the insight finance has to offer. Take the quiz to find out how well you’re combating these challenges and what you need to do to become a true financial heavyweight.

Take the financial fitness quiz

Answer all twelve questions (it’ll only take a couple of minutes) to reveal whether:

  • You’re driving your business’ strategy as effectively as possible.
  • The technology you’re using will see you into the future.
  • You’re in the best position to harness the data and insights your business needs.
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What you’ll get

The tool uses your answers to calculate a personalised financial fitness score for your business. Then you’ll see resources designed to help you take your financial performance to the next level.

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  • Where is the quizz?????


      Hi Colin,

      Click on the ‘test your financial fitness’ button on the page – and that will start the quiz for you.

      Thanks, Stacey