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Get back wasted time: Executive strategies to grow your business

As a business executive, it can be a challenge to be as efficient and productive as possible. What with so many demands on your time, including the need to solve numerous issues and deliver on the company’s strategy, it can be tough to get everything done and help to grow your business.

However, working in a highly competitive marketplace means making the most of your time is important.

And if you want to drive business change, you need to be both efficient and productive. Working smarter is the answer. Stepping up from operational roles and focusing on the key tasks that will keep the business moving quickly and ahead of the competition is what you need to do.

But how can you make that a reality?

Strategies to grow your business

We have collaborated with leading technology publication CIO to create a report that tackles these problems and provides solutions that will help you to deliver on the key things that will truly benefit your business.

We spoke to UK and Ireland-based CEOs and senior business, finance and IT executives who work in small to medium-sized businesses that employ between 50 and 499 people. These business leaders work across a range of industries, including financial services, business services and consulting, IT-related services and consulting, property and insurance.

The Get Back Wasted Time: Executive Strategies to Grow Your Business report:

  • looks at the priorities of decision makers and business leaders who are using emerging technologies and agile ways of working to lead their industries forward
  • examines key factors that hold businesses back and limits business growth
  • explores technologies that can drive operational agility and scale.

Download the report and take the steps to identify your problem areas, determine your business priorities and discover how to get time back to focus on those priorities.

Get Back Wasted Time

Trying to drive business change but have too many demands on your time? Read this free report to find out how decision makers are using agile ways of working to move their businesses forward.

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