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A free guide on taking the confusion out of construction accounting

Want to know how construction accounting differs from other industries, and how to do it? Look no further than our free guide.

If you work in any field related to construction or associated trades, you may wonder how construction accounting differs from more typical business accounting.

Our free guide, Taking the confusion out of construction accounting, answers this question.

It explains the basics of how to do construction accounting if you’re new to it, or are already experienced and want to improve your knowledge and effectiveness.

It’s an essential guide for sole proprietors, tradespeople, construction and project managers, architects/designers, or anybody else who’s ever had to look at the numbers around construction projects to ensure a healthy cash flow.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Project costing: Understand each and every new job’s costings. Discover how to easily and effectively track contract amounts, estimates, costs, subcontracts, purchase orders, quantity totals, production information, customer information, billings, and other project information in as much detail as you need.
  • Controlling variations: Learn how to anticipate and manage variations/change orders for the design, materials, work patterns and more.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs): See how best-in-class construction firms use a series of KPIs to continuously measure, monitor and manage performance – and learn what these KPIs are at both a project level and a business level.
  • Reporting: Learn to understand the true costs of your projects. Learn which type of regular reports can help make your construction business a success, including best practices for hot-button issues such as ensuring accurate costing, preventing profit erosion, and reducing the risk of claims.

Creating estimates, project management, how to tackle correspondence and communication, and compliance are all part of running a successful construction business – and accounting is the final piece of the puzzle. We’ll help you to get them right.

It’s time to make the move and take control of your construction accounting. Get this right and you can build your business on rock-solid foundations.

There’s a genuine competitive edge to be gained by getting your accounting right, and the rewards are not just happy clients but also a business primed for growth.

Taking the confusion out of construction accounting

Is the challenge of sorting your construction accounting holding your back? This free guide will help to simplify things so you can stay on top of managing your business admin.

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