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A guide on transforming the productivity of your business

10 tips to transform your productivity is a guide that will help you reduce the time taken on accounting admin.

How much time does your business spend on admin tasks? One day a week? Half the week? More?

Dealing with admin can make a big dent in the productivity of your business. In fact, small businesses reportedly spend an average of 120 working days each year on administrative tasks.

With that in mind, what can you do to boost your company’s productivity levels? After all, those admin tasks, while laborious, are important for your business to function. Think dealing with invoices, making sure you’re paid on time and managing data.

10 tips to transform your productivity is a guide that offers you a series of pointers to get your company moving in the right direction.

In it, you’ll discover how you can reduce the time spent on accounting tasks, which will free up time to spend on jobs that will add more value to the business, such as finding new customers and using data to make smarter business decisions.

10 tips to transform your productivity covers the following topics:

  • Work smarter
  • Automate your everyday financial processes
  • Make it easy for customers to pay
  • Automate your banking processes
  • Make use of apps

An excerpt from 10 tips to transform your productivity

Administrative tasks can feel pretty insignificant in small doses. What’s five minutes of admin time here and there?

But when you’re juggling a hundred different tasks at once – as tends to be the case in a small business – and you’re doing that same task hundreds of times in the course of a month, those minutes start to add up.

It’s no wonder that, on average, small businesses spend 120 working days a year on administrative tasks.

Of course, you can’t just set those administrative tasks aside – they’re still vital to the smooth running of the business, even if they do take your attention off big-picture issues such as refining your financial strategy.

The key is to find smart ways to complete administrative tasks faster.

This isn’t always easy.

To pull it off, you’ll need to rethink the way you and the rest of your business operate and abandon some old and familiar, but inefficient, ways of working.

You’ll need to prove that these changes drive new efficiencies and deliver real value to the business in the form of more control over your operations, better use of your funds, and more time for the finance team to focus on high-value strategic tasks.

In this guide, you’ll find 10 easy ways to cut down the time you spend on accounting admin and, in doing so, help you and your business perform at its best.

We’ve split our tips out into five key themes, so you can identify the areas that are most important for your business.

10 tips to transform your productivity

Discover how smart technology can reduce time spent chasing late payments, inputting receipts and compiling reports, so you can focus on improving your business.

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